Improve beat designer please

Please improve beat designer. It would be nice to be able to have a way to lock the velocities in it so that you can trigger all blocks at the same value. We would also like to see per note pan, and pitch options. Lastly is the ability to sequencer and play multiple patterns at the same time.

many people have wondered about Beat Designer upgrades, my self included. for example. My personal wish is for MiDI channel assignment for each instrument. I found a work around by filtering on MIDI note numbers, which are proxies for beat designer instruments/lanes.

In the same spirit of finding workarounds, I think you could get multiple patterns by loading multiple instances of beat designer onto the same track. I’ve never tried it. I wonder if the first instance in the chain would trigger the second instance in a chaotic and useless way. Certainly, they’d have to share the same VSTi. A safer solution would be to just use multiple tracks, but that may get confusing if you’re trying to edit both patterns on the same screen.

Beat Designer seems to be like a step designer you might find in HALion. It has an internal sequence that it inserts onto the instrument track. Its theoretical limitations are thus dictated by what can be represented in MIDI. That does include pan information. The practical limitations come down to how much you can load onto the GUI before the mind boggles and the workflow goes sluggish.

I just posted the same thing except for to be done like the Chord Pads (Lower Zone) is. Instead of requiring an insert on every channel you have one for the whole project and can much more easily record the notes to the track as needed…

Midi inserts are antiquated IMO, and not really worth to continue updating.

I know not everyone might like that idea of using a beat designer in a more ‘global’ fashion, but I think if it was done right it could be very, very nice. I find that having a Beat designer on each track is not that nice a way to work, as it’s easy to forget what is doing what, but OFC there are also positives points, too. But in general I think it would be better to handle like Chord Pads (Lower Zone) because that 1) no need for dummy tracks, 2) patterns in one place, 3) less instances = less chance for crashing???

It should be scalable. As in add instruments as needed (up to 128) each fully customizable as expected.
Large amount of patterns which can be various time signatures and lengths, and have swing/groove function.
Easy to experiment by playing multiple patterns at once.