Improve CPU Efficiency

Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 on the same machine still beats Nuendo/Cubase in hosting virtual instruments. Please improve the internal Audio Engine so that VE PRO 7 is not required to get better performance. Also, Asio Guard 2 has to be disabled for VE PRO as it is so an audio engine update with better efficiency across the board would really be great so it can compete with Logic! I love Cubase/Nuendo but hope they can compete better in this department.

How about others in this forum? Are you fine with performance you are getting in Nuendo/Cubase? Are you simply disabling tracks and content with performance or are you using things like VE PRO to do the heavy lifting?


Would be great! Why Nuendo not use virtual cores? Logic X takes advantage of all cores.

Does anyone else think CPU efficiency/management should be better in Nuendo/Cubase?

Does anyone else think CPU efficiency/management should be better in Nuendo/Cubase?

Yes, I certainly do.
Although I absolutely don’t know what it takes to rewrite a DAW and I mean no offence to all hard working people at Steinberg at all, I really think Nuendo should have a serious overhaul which makes it a product of this era…AI is entering the live-audio-world which takes over some repetitive tasks for example, and nowadays it should not be possible (as I had last week 3 times in 2 days) that a simple 48track recording + live stereo mix on my laptop (for specs: see my signature) caused 3 Asio overloads…?
And (second example); why does it take almost 4 minutes to load my postproduction-template?
And (3rd example); why can I only use heavy Virtual Instruments when I put the audio buffer to the highest setting? One can’t live-play the piano then anymore, so what’s the point?

Nowadays DAWS should be more CPU-efficient (Logic is a great example) and better thought out in terms of logic, “thinking-ahead” and silly administrative tasks…

Sorry for hyjacking your thread for my rant, I was only saying: “Yes, I’m really thinking the time has come for a more-modern approach of Nuendo”…
Again; this is my personal view, no offence to any developer or user meant.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yes. There was a thread about it already. You already posted in it.

Sure! It should be a lot more efficient!

Hi MattiasNYC,

I don’t see another thread I made in Nuendo for CPU efficiency. From what I see, I posted on another thread when someone was talking bout lack of CPU cores being used but I didn’t start that one.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am curious on the overall perception of CPU performance in Nuendo especially since there are so many different systems out there. Glad to hear I am not the only one that sees that there could be improvements. For me, I noticed a big difference when loading instruments inside of VE PRO 7 on the same machine vs directly in Nuendo. Logic still seems to be king when it comes to performance with Virtual Instruments directly inside the DAW. We’ll see what the future entails :slight_smile:. For now, VE PRO 7 seems to be the way to go for me if you are using lots of Virtual Instruments with Nuendo on a Windows 10 machine.


Surprised to see my Reaper 13+ hours project with 116 plugins (it’s an animation series in one project :stuck_out_tongue:) to give me no problems what so ever, yet Nuendo started doing so when not even near that scale.