Improve Dorico 4

I would like to point out some things that in my opinion should be improved in Dorico 4:

  1. Enter a simple command to hide notes etc.
  2. Quantization currently quantizes only the graphics part and not the execution
  3. I can’t filter the various voices of a drum part like with notes
  4. Reinsert the possibility of editing the time track as it did in the version of Dorico 3.5
  1. Some things can be hidden, and there may be room for more things to be hidden, but Dorico’s philosophy is that there should be a better way of achieving the notation than adding things in order to hide them.

  2. You can set the MIDI data to match the notation, but it is deliberate that they can be different, e.g. to cut notes short, start attack early, etc. Play > Reset Playback Overrides will fix this. You can also set Dorico to ignore Note Duration in MIDI input (Application Preferences > Play).

  3. Yes, this is planned to be restored along with other missing features.

Thank you