Improve manuals with diagrams and tips (signal flow diagram missing)

I would be happy if the user manual is improved.

I do understand that a user manual is a concise reference and not a mixing course. But I think that most users would appreciate more explanations.
Sure, there is plenty of video and tutorials, but the manual is faster to read than to watch an entire video.

1 In the Cubase manual there isn’t any diagram of the signal flow…diagrams help a lot…
this is are the best I have found

2 Many functions are poorly explained in the manual…example: there are endless posts on the forum about what’s the purpose of functions described too shortly in the manual as direct routing

3 use more visual help in the manual, example: in the explanation of the load panel of Groove Agent, is not represented the icon of the “Setup result columns” in yellow (p38 of Groove Agent manual).

4 Add a tip section to any significant entry of the manual. This would avoid to do a new manual. For example in the VST multipanner entry, add a tip section with…examples of use.

If you are going to answer that Cubase pro is directed to professional users only, I would reply that there is plenty of plugins manufacturers that add to their manuals not only short explanations of the plugin but also examples and indications for using them, I think that pros appreciate it too

The clearer the manuals the less work for the support team :slight_smile: