Improve stability of audio engine - so not so sensitive to dropouts. No sign of this under same conditions in Sonar.

I’ve been working now for three days removing everything regarding check for updates stuff, and similar in my computer to get rid of hourly dropouts I got. And it even is not problem in Sonar, I had no dropouts there from these checking of updates, none, not ever.

It probably happend to you all at some point.

Since no sign of this in Sonar, I figure something is overly sensitive in how Cubase handle sync.

EDIT: Conditions just having transport in stopped in Cubase, and performance meter up - you see when this hourly thing comes, you get red peak realtime.
If running playback - severe crackle at this hourly thing.
If recording - transport stops and show a sign about dropouts.

Doing the same in Sonar, playback and record - not a sign of crackles or pop or anything.
So it’s not dependent on project in Cubase, since just having transport stopped - same thing.
You can have ASIO Guard on or off - higher ASIO buffer - same thing.