Improve the default metronome sounds

The current metronome sounds completely screw any enjoyable listening - invasive sterile bleeps. Now I know that you can customise this with audio files, but although I have gazillians of samples, its surprisingly hard to find the right sounds. Please by default, have a couple of audio files - perhaps of sticks as default. Something ear friendly and acoustic sound based


Well, it’s a matter of taste, isn’t it? Also, there’s no guarantee that you’ll like what Steinberg will come up with. :slight_smile:
Although, I agree that they could’ve put in some sounds.

Have a go yourself Atanaz, its harder than you think. The ear is accustomed to sounds like drummers counting in with sticks, (you need two stick audio files for this) but many other sounds just wont do.

I have already found my perfect sound - it’s kind of a side stick action to be precise. :sunglasses: Lucky me!
Bleeps drived me crazy too.

More: When you open the metronome set up and choose a sound you dont get media bay but instead an ald school windows dialogue box. As soon as you click on a sound the metronome stops, so you can’t effectively audition. To get to test drive the sound you have to close the dialogue, then start again. Things could be slicker

I also hate that pitched beep. It really feels like torture. But I think some drummers like it, because it stands out from the drum sounds.

Here’s what I’ve been using for a gazillion years. I do not remember where it comes from, but it sounds a bit like an old school metronome from the 1950’s. It’s zipped for freshness. (20.1 KB)

I agree that the default metronome sound shouldn’t be pitched. It’s distracting when composing - sorta like somebody’s in the room humming a different tune. A simple percussive ‘click’ is my personal preference. However, it’s not a big deal - the option to replace with my own WAVs was perfectly acceptable.

There is no sound on that Earch that will fit anyone’s taste, so the only (main) problem of the current metronom sound is … that is not customisable.
2 options to insert your own sounds (for accent and not accent time) and all problems will be solved

Forgive me, but I believe that feature is already implemented - at least, it is in Cubase Pro 8.5. As I mentioned in my prior post, I was able to specify my own WAV files for accent and non-accent. Easy-peasy. I hope this is helpful.

Just remember to edit the start point of the samples, even a few milliseconds can make a huge difference.
I use the metronome sounds from an old drum computer when I record myself, I switch to the built in sounds when recording bands. Simply because it is such an annoying sound that cuts through all the loud guitars :slight_smile: