Improve UR series Loopback integration with Cubase (WIN10)

I wanted to use the loopback function in my UR242 within my CUBASE but it didn’t allow me to use the INPUT 1. So it doesn’t mix the pc output with the input 1 & 2, but it replaces it.

However, it works perfectly fine in other DAWs like Reaper using the program dspMIXfx which I think it is a bit ridiculous. I mean, it’s a Steinberg product but it works with any DAW except the Steinberg ones.

I discovered in this forum a workaround, which is deleting the ur242_extension.dll from the Program files/Common files/Steinberg/Shared Components/

I think Steinberg should repair this function once and for all. Or delete it forever and allow us to use the dspMix (which works great).

I saw the solution in this forum: UR28m - Loopback and microphone input - Steinberg Hardware - Steinberg Forums

But my request is to repair this function natively.

I’m in a Windows 10 environment. I don’t think the same problem is present in MAC, but I can’t say.

I am using the loopback feature to allow the master out to be picked up in my Zoom meetings. To avoid feedback with my mic I am creating an audio track for Zoom Vox. Input is Mono In from UR242. Then click the monitor button on the track. Set the Zoom audio input to the UR242.
Having separate groups tracks lets you balance the music with the Mic, which in this instance works like a talkback mic. Just don’t use the talkback in the control room or you’ll get that feedback issue.

Hi @artzmusic - for anyone else reading, would you mind explaining more clearly exactly how you achieve this ‘loopback’ feature please.? The link in the earlier post is now broken of course…

Is the same ‘hack’ the original poster indicates, still needed…?

I have the UR44; I imagine it’ll be much the same. I’m not so immediately interested myself but would keep the info for future reference…