Improved 32 to 64 bit plugin wrapper


More than the 50% of plugins have not been recoded to work at “new” 64 bit standar and part of them never will. As most of you know, working in 64 bit is mandatory when you have big projects that need fairly amounts of memory.
Steinberg provides a wrapper to use 32 bit plugins in 64 bit mode that DOESN’T work as it should, with random crashes and other misbehaviors.

I think that Steinberg should spend some more resources to provide a proper WORKING solution for this PROFESSIONAL environment, to let us open old projects and keep us using our plugins.


I agree!

How do you ProTools users feel regarding PT11 ??

Can I ask you, if Steinberg made a really, really good 32-bit to 64bit wrapper, would you follow their support rules and not use any older than VST 2.4 plugins?

I think we are pretty lucky.
Steinberg still supports:

  • VST 2.4 plugins, even though they could have ended that and just supported VST3 which would make it a lot easier for them.
  • They do support you using VST 2.4 and newer 32bit plugins in a 64bit host to be able to open up an older project and export it.
  • Hey, the even let you use older than VST 2.4 plugins, even though they don’t support it.

I think we’re lucky.

I’d much rather have them really make the software fly with 12 cores, a really good working ASIO guard, VCA channels, improve automation and let us use tons of VSTi.
In my world if they did this I would accept them completely dropping older than VST3 plugins. And also dropping the 32-bit host all together!


Well, I can’t say that I can’t agree with you.
Avid decided to reset (again) the core development and to define a new format of plugins, it’s their decision and they are THE STANDARD DAW, so they can do almost anything they want.

Steinberg advertises a feature to help developers and users in the transition between 32 and 64 bit, so it HAS TO WORK.
Nuendo can’t have not working features. That’s not the correct behavior for any software, and Nuendo is a 1800 € software.

Yes Bredo, I agree with you.
They should drop all pre VST3 and 32-bit in C8/N7.

We’ve had the vstbridge since N4, quite a long time.

I don’t agree with dropping pre VST3, since program changes don’t work in VST3 and many people rely on those. However, I do think that there is no need for a 32/64bit bridge, particular as it is easy to get hold of a 3rd party wrapper, and there is no excuse for developers to avoid releasing 64bit versions of their plugs. I would rather that Steinberg spent their time and resources on things that are essential to a DAW, and that can’t be provided by 3rd party vendors.


I have some experimental plugins from independent developers that I don’t want to trash. I’m in the middle of the 32 to 64 bit transition, and it’s being painful. Some big names, like Soundtoys, are getting very late.

About Waves, I love most of new plugins. Characterful. The complement very well my UAD and SoundToys ones.

I agree that some developers have been very slack in making the 64vit transition (notably the ones that are primarily Mac based). My temporary solution is to use the 32bit version of Nuendo with VE Pro for all my sample libraries. Best of both worlds, IMO.


I’ve never tried VE in the same computer as plugin loader, so I’ll give it a try. It seems like jBridge is not stable enough yet in Mac, so VE can be an option. Thanks for the advise!

That is not correct. It has been announced more than a year beforehand. Actually just after Microsoft announced that they would drop DX in their next OS.


Be good if the wrapper worked with off line processing.