Improved batch export and render in place

Please correct me if any of this is already doable. I would love the following:

  1. Batch export can be done in the project’s current track order. This would save me hours of work every week. At the moment it seems like the only option is to export in the order the tracks were created orginally.
    For instance when I export tracks to be mixed by someone else, I always want to make sure they get a clean track layout with the correct numbering. You still have to do this manually if you want the numbering to be correct.

  2. Batch export automatically creates mono and stereo channels correctly. This way the automatic numbering could be a straight up one click scenario.

  3. Render in place for FX and Group Channels. I would use this function ten times a day.

Other wishes:

  1. A way to delete inserts by just holding the cursor over the plugin name and click backspace/delete.
  2. An even better way to create paralell channels. In Reason this is an option called: Create paralell channel.

All very sensible requests.

In my opinion this one is long overdue.