Improved channel routing workflow

I think Cubase needs improvement in this area. I find this process very tedious and it requires too many clicks. When selecting the output of a track I’d like to see a large popup window that shows ALL destinations in one view. There should be no scrolling required. Having to click that microscopic drop down arrow is so tedious. Ability to customize this view would help streamline workflow.
And currently the output for Instrument Tracks can’t be assigned from the Inspector. I think routing procedure should be consistent across all track types. Let’s have Output Routing in the Inspector for Virtual Instrument tracks just for the sake of UI coherency.
Here’s a quick video demonstrating these workflow problems:

And, is there a reason Cubase can’t have a patchbay? The routing in Cubase is quite rigid. Even analog consoles have patchbays so that anything can be routed anywhere. Is there a reason a digital environment like Cubase can’t have this flexibility?
Thanks for reading.

@Martin.Jirsak @Matthias_Quellmann

I do mostly post in Nuendo but I don’t really find the routing to be too rigid. As for consoles they don’t really have actual patchbays though, right? They’re connected in a studio to a patchbay. To me the convention that Cubase/Nuendo follows is pretty logical and fairly standard for DAWs which I think is a strength actually.

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Well no patch cables are needed, but if you use Direct Routing you can create a routing matrix which I find way better than that little dropdown you are complaining about.

That’s not really a “matrix” though. A “matrix” would be something like the MOTU routing:

Just so nobody gets confused and thinks that Cubase/Nuendo has an actual matrix for routing.

Point taken. What would you call it?

Looks pretty cool, but I haven’t incorporated Direct Routing into my workflow, so this doesn’t really solve the core problem of the “little dropdown” :slight_smile:

Technically, yes. But I’m trying to imagine what an SSL would be without it’s patchbay, and I’ve never seen an SSL without one.
I’m really thinking of Reaper which is pretty wild in it’s routing flexibility for sound design. Probably not that useful if you’re in the Post Production world though.

Until a couple of years I’d only used DR a couple of times when I needed to route to multiple destinations simultaneously. Then someone on the old forum, wish I could remember who, pointed out it could be used this way too. So I gave it a try for awhile, really found it useful & time-saving and eventually switched to DR in my main Template.

The way it’s setup lets me have a very standardized hierarchical bussing structure that is also super flexible and adaptable. Also I find just being able to visually see the routing like that makes it easier to keep track of what’s going on.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give Direct Routing a try :+1: