Improved Cues Sends in the Control Room section.

I would like to see a more user friendly way to setup Cue mixes especially when copying current mix to Cue sends. To make it easier to explain what I feel needs improving I have made a video demonstrating it using the Live Forever demo song.

Watch the video and feedback with any positive ideas below.

Thank you


Watched all the way through, beautiful presentation of a great idea, thank you Darren! Steinberg, please do take a look!

The suggestion would have to be modified for how I work, however. Using the Cubase project in your vid, “Lead Voice” would be something I would send to a cue send and bump up the volume for the singer. Using the method of having Cubase make things simpler that you suggested, since “Lead Voice” is not routed to the “St L/R”, it wouldn’t be set to a cue send by Cubase, and the singer would throw a tantrum because he couldn’t get more me!

I’ve been using the “monitor in the mic’s deadzone, then combine with a phase reversed version of the backing track” technique of tracking, i.e., no headphones. I’m getting tired of having to keep account of all the tracks, so am going to go back to using the cues again - your vid was a great review as well!

Congrats - job well done!