Improved sound quality

Hi there - are my ears deceiving me or is the sound quality from the new cubase 6 much improved - the reverbs seem to sound richer as does everything else??

I was under the impression that it is the same audio engine as C5, some plugs got upgraded, what version were you comparing it too?

I’ve seen a topic here about mixes being muddy in C6, not an issue for me, but I don’t find 6 better than 5 sonically for the most part.

hmm interesting - i guess maybe just me then… i was comparing to the last revision C5.5.2

anyway, i’m very excited so far - love the new colourscheme layout - feels solid - though it has crashed a few times - hoping it’s just becuase i had two many apps open…

Improved interpolation perhaps?

This sort of thread pops up every time there is a major release, sx3 sound better that sx2, C5 sounds better than C4.Well… beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you think it sounds better then it does :laughing:

The darker gui generated more warmness in the lower frequencies, that´s the reason for this brillant sound.


I like the darker gui though.