Improved VariAudio


There is a few features I have been hoping to see in VariAudio.

  1. Sibilant + breath detection. It would be great that VariAudio wouldn’t stretch or tune them while correcting connected notes. Also reducing (de-essing) the level of all of them at once would be great.

  2. Leveling dynamics. Matching the level of selected notes with a slider. Similar way as quantize pitch. This would make compressing a little easier.

  3. Detecting and working with polyphonic audio.

  4. Better algorithm. Now cubase changes the algorithm to Standard when using VariAudio which doesn’t give the best results if you have to correct a big step.

New melodyne seems to have those features and I hope to see something similar in Cubase one day.



Yes this would be great along with Polyphonic tuning!

the new melodyne 5 really work nice on detecting Sibilant + breath and keep them untouched and natural