Improved XML import

Having to import again XML from Finale I really appreciate that Dorico 2.1 improved several things.
In particular the option import “Text” is really usefull and helps a lot.
But why are playing techniques still not imported?
I understand that how Dorico implements playing techniques may be completely different from Finale but could they be imported at least as text?

What sorts of things are you finding are nott imported at all?

Expressions from Finale like “pizz” or “arco”.

Edit: “div” also is not imported

Right, I see. Yes, we do need to do some more work in this area and try to import more specific directions as playing techniques. It’s on the list!

Confirmed. Whether exporting from Sibelius Ultimate or Finale 25, “pizz.” is exported simply as a “word”. It doesn’t appear when imported into Dorico.

Ok, thanks.

Because playing techniques are exported into MusicXML as plain old elements, which are not a great deal more than plain text, they can only be imported by doing a kind of fuzzy matching or parsing. Dorico doesn’t yet have such a parser to try to import them.