Improved XML Import?

I work for a publishing house, and I have persuaded them to use Dorico as the new standard.
We have a lot of old scores in Sibelius and Finale and therefore uses the xml import a lot.
Will there be improvements in this area in the forthcoming updates?

What I miss is: fermatas, system and staff text objects, articulations (most of them are imported, but some are missing).
It would also be nice to have a possibility to manual assign the staffs during import.


It’s just as much about what your other software is exporting as what Dorico is importing…

Hi again,
Just did a test: Exporting a file from Sibelius 7 in XML format. Imported the file to Finale V26, everything imported just fine, even the headers. No missing fermatas, articulations ex. And the import was extremely fast. This test leads me to conclude that the XML file produced by Sibelius was okay. Wouldn’t you conclude the same?
If so, it would be appropriate to ask the team behind Dorico, if there will be any improvements in the import of XML to Dorico? Don’t you think?