Improvement: audio bounce progress bar stays topmost

  1. I hit export audio to WAV.
  2. I see the progress bar begin, and it’s going to take a few minutes.
  3. I switch to another program, leaving Dorico to do that in the background.
  4. A minute later, I try and check to see if Dorico’s finished: I click on the Dorico icon in my dock, which brings the main Dorico window to the front.
  5. It doesn’t bring the progress bar to the front, which is hidden behind the main window. In other words, I think Dorico is done, but it’s not.

It’d be great for this to be improved in a future version.

This just happened to me too. I was re-exporting and replacing some audio, and the progress bar was hidden behind the main window. I could see from the Finder window that something was happening, but no indication from Dorico

On the other hand, I don’t want to sit waiting for the export to complete before I can do something else in Dorico, so I don’t want a window that holds on to the view.

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I don’t think it’s possible to continue working in Dorico, whether or not you can see the progress bar. Is your experience different?

Ah! You’re absolutely right. In which case, yes: it should definitely stay on top.

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