Improvement Request | better visual differentiation of overlapping plugin menus

@PG1 Philippe, thank you for your continued efforts in producing this world-class software. Of note is the extremely robust and useful plugin management system you’ve invented. Over time, for many it’s become the preferred way to organize plugins vs. plugin managers in other audio applications. You put versatility and control in the hands of the user, which is highly appreciated.

Improvement Request
Provide better visual differentiation of overlapping plugin menus.
Possible solutions:
-An optional mode where nested plugin menus never overlap as long as screen space is available.
-An optional mode where different background colors are used for each nested menu layer displayed.

When a plugin menu is activated and the user rolls over more than two layers of nested menu options, WaveLab often draws the next layer of menu options over the previous layer. (Often, the menu layers are drawn to the left, then to the right, then to the left again.) In many cases, a shorter menu list is drawn over a longer previously-drawn list, and it becomes difficult to visually distinguish the lists.

Quick Example
In the screenshot below, you can see that the user has rolled over the Circuit Bending item, which resulted in the display of its nested item (the single plugin Bent). Because the nested item is drawn over the previous (higher-level) menu on the right, other than the slight highlight around that item, it is a bit difficult to visually distinguish the item from the list it is drawn over. When working quickly, this visual blandness becomes a slowdown as the user has to pay close attention to understand what is being displayed. If each menu layer was a different color, or if the menu layers never overlapped, this would not be an issue.

The sub-menu placement is not under WaveLab control but under the supervision of a third-party module. Hence not easy to change.