I can’t figure out what these two improvements are.

The “momentary-alert” value is now user definable
EQ/Filter transition option

I love the channel and rack configuration key command. Can this also be written so that the fader groups on the mackie control will select them?


Anyone? They are listed under mix console and I can’t figure out what they are.


I guess I found the “momentary-alert” one. When you activate the control room/meter part of the mixer, and select “Loudness”, there is a settings button which opens a window where you can assign momentary values, whatever that is… :laughing:

Great. Thanks ipanema. Anyone know what “EQ/Filter transition option” does?


From the Version History Nuendo 6.0.5

EQ /Filter transition option
A new, global “EQ/Filtert ransition” option in the Functions
menu of the MixConsole has been added (soft/quick).
It controls how fast the EQs and filters respond to
sudden parameter changes. Especially when automating parameters
the soft setting helps to avoid audio artifacts.

Great. Thanks andyoc.