Improving Audio Playback from laptop

Hi All

Apologies if this has already been covered, but I cannot find exactly my question when trawling through the forum.

I have a high-end laptop - i7 HP Spectre running Windows 10 - and, to date, I have always played back from Dorico with a cable running from the headphones socket of the laptop to 2xRCAs plugged into the back of my amplifier and then to decent speakers.

I have heard that, even on a decent laptop, the headphone amp is pretty limited and I could get much better sound by bypassing it. Similarly, bypassing the onboard DAC could improve things drastically too. I have recently bought an Audiolab 6000a Play amp that has the usual AUX inputs, plus bluetooth and digital inputs (coaxial and optical); as well as a high quality DAC built-in.

I have tried to bluetooth the Dorico output to both my headphones and new amp. Although all other sound sources playback ok through Bluetooth, Dorico refuses to - and goes to laptop speakers. I have, rather timidly, played with some settings but to no avail. I’m scared to try too hard in case I upset Dorico (took me ages to get the damn thing to make a sound when I first got it!).

On my laptop, I have USB C sockets, a USB B, and a HDMI socket (currently used to connect a widescreen monitor).

Is there a way to bypass the laptop’s inbuilt DAC/headphone amp to make use of the new amp’s high performance. I get fabulous sound as it is - but would just like to know if it could be improved with, say, the purchase of some magic cable?

Thanks in advance


Dorico can play out via bluetooth as well, but needs to get set up for it. Please have a look at . There is a chapter for Bluetooth setup as well.


Tried following that little algorithm but on getting to the step of going to Set Up and altering the frequency to match the device’s (16bit CD quality 44100Hz 2 channel) the frequency box is greyed out at 48000Hz and will not allow me to change it. So - still not getting Bluetooth.

Your help is appreciated

PS I would be grateful if you could remotely control my laptop and sort it… wasted ages on this… cheers

Send me a mail to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and we’ll arrange something.