Improving the ability to document a project using Metadata and Attachments

The ability to maintain detailed documentation makes it a lot easier to come back to a project that hasn’t been accessed in a while (particularly for old people like me with bad memories). A few suggestions that would help that are based on my experience with other software products (notably Esri’s ArcGIS software) are below:

These should be applicable to both the project level and track level.

  1. Provide the ability to format text in Notepad. For example using different fonts, bold, italics, bullets, numbering. Perhaps using an HTML editor functionality.

  2. Provide the ability to include clickable hyperlinks in Notepad.

  3. Provide the ability to attach documents (Word, Excel, JPGs, etc.). Perhaps have a “Documents” folder in the standard project directory that is maintained by Cubase.

  4. Instead of a free-form Notepad field, create more structured metadata fields that are searchable. There is a little bit of this in the Project Setup Window (Author, Company for example) but other fields such as Date, Artist, Genre, hyperlink fields, could be added. There should also be system-generated metadata such as file type, bit-depth (many of which are visible in the Project Setup window).

Based on my experience with Geospatial metadata I realize that developing useful metadata tags takes some serious thinking but the long range payoff is worth the effort.


Yeah, the metadata functionality seems to suck as of Cubase 11 Pro. Don’t wanna have to go to iTunes every time I want to add metadata to my songs. Even Comments and Title are being truncated upon export!

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