In an expression map is it possible to alter the key velocity of the note being played?

I’m making an expression map for Cinematic Studio Strings. This library has the interesting feature that, in legato mode, the key velocity of the note being played triggers different legato speeds. Can this feature be accommodated in the expression map? More concretely, I would like short notes to be played with kv = 127, so that the fastest legato speed is selected.

I don’t terribly mind manually altering key velocities, but if it can be done automatically via the expression map, I’d be interested to know how.

Kinda maybe this way? I see that each techniques in an expression map can now be conditional based on note length, and you can set the Minimum and Maximum Note velocity for a technique. Guess you could set a floor of 126 and a max of 127. I haven’t got that far into the new maps though.