In Another Place, Tribute to a friend

Wrote for my old friend Chris Kent one of the greatest Bass Players, Musicians and people ever.I was lucky enough to have worked and recorded with Chris. Google him he is/was a Prince… Miss you may your journey be peaceful
Hope you enjoy

This is great Kenny, a great tribute to your friend. Really enjoyed the piece. A fitting tribute :sunglasses:



Yes this is excellent. I wouldn’t mind having more info what instruments etc you used. :slight_smile:

Well done.


Thanks Dave, Piano is Vienna Imperial grand with an Akai MPK88 controller. Drums are a variety of samples that I played off Akai keyboard using Superior cymbals and kick/toms the snare is edited loops. The bass is Trillian (love the upright on Trillian). The synth is a edited version of something off Omnisphere can’t remember what I started with but what that’s what it is now sorta my version of lap steel :slight_smile: I recently bought UAD quad bundle and its made a huge difference in what these virtual instruments sound like to me. The Studer and Neve 1073 EQ/Compressor I think are killer and if you get a decent mix the UAD precision limiter is just so nice for easy mastering. Also I was messing with a trial of the Brainworx MS EQ thing on this. If I ever get more money lol I will really want that one.
It was recorded at home on a PC…just sold the Mac to get the UAD stuff

I have to tell you that Chris is one of the greatest musicians-bassist (great upright player also) I ever met he never played a note that didn’t mean something Never! He played and recorded with everyone here and always Smiled.
Here is an article and him playing with Larry Carlton give him a listen great player but even greater person.

Thanks for the info. You have lovely sounds in the track.

I also love the UAD stuff, but I’ve held off on demoing the Studer and some of the more recent offerings. Cash and only having a single solo are the main reasons. I fear if I try the Studer I will have to get another card. I haven’t tried the precision limiter yet either. I only have the Neve 33609, the 31102, the 88RS and Cooper Time Cube in addition to the bundled plugins. It always seems easier to get a good sound with their stuff.

Thanks for the links too.

Hi Kenny,

This is great stuff! My kind of music. :sunglasses:
The drums and bass sound very convincing, great job.

I checked the youtube link with Larry Carlton, Chris sure was a great player, may he rest in peace…

I will check more of your work later, thanks for sharing.


Wim ,BTW I am a huge fan of yours

Dave, Which UAD card do you have? I am mad (or happy can’t decide lol) because they have a new rack mount soundcard interface which is firewire and runs the plugs (Duo or Quad) it is pricey…My desktop has firewire but my new laptop is only USB so I couldn’t use it even if I could afford. I have been using laptop (MSI with 2700 sandybridge and 12gb ram) to do mobile stuff and really is as powerful as any desktop I’ve tried, but sadly no firewire. I have the 33609 and did demo of Ampex it kills but the studer really makes a difference to my ears. Haven’t tried the 88RS that would be nice but its just something I can’t justify and don’t want to know how good it is :frowning:
I also just got MIR and I am playing around with that. Its insane check out these video I haven’t figured out yet how to import audio into it but that is next step. All mixing and stage panning can be done inside it by dragging instruments where you want them on stage. Just Insane!
Gotta go take a picture today hate it

It does sound realistic, but let’s not forget, it’s a composition that really works. Very nice.

Yes, a very nice recording! Sounds quite real indeed. :sunglasses:

Well done!

Thanks so much, It was played actually played Piano first…bass is done after, by playing part and then using Trillian key switches for realism after part is done…Drums well a little harder for me than the rest of stuff lol Song meant a lot to me and it just was written as I played it

sorry for the loss. this is a beautiful piece of music, I never wanted it to end, listened a few times.
I watched the vid with larry carlton too, all great musicians, loved that bassline, especially when he went to the thumbed section. couldn’t quite tell but it looked like a furlanetto bass. I was forever a big uzeb fan, got to meet alain caron who was helping in the design of that bass series.
thanks for the info on the uad stuff, I’m on my way to buy lottery tickets.
again, great work and a thoughtful fitting tribute

Bob, in a better place…As far as I knew Chris always played Yamaha BBN5A. I think he was endorsed by them

Great stuff Kenny! A wonderful piece of music.
Very nice tribute.


Sounds great. Very relaxing. Nice job.