In app upgrade from LE not fully working .

Done the “in app” upgrade to Cubasis 2 just 3 days before the price in App Store was reduced by 50% :unamused: and still the icon on my iPad shows the LE 2 version…
Worse is that App Store don’t recognise my “full version”.
It still says I have the LE 2 version of Cubasis if you ask App Store.
So… will my version be able to receive updates at all or I’m I stucked with “full version” without any possibility what so ever for future updates for Cubasis 2 and all in app purchases like the Micrologue etc… ???
If App Store doesn’t recognise the full version it does not give me the option to update etc… you know what I mean… And cubasis is still show the LE version Wien hitting the help button

Best Regards

Hi onedown,

Thanks for your message.

Regularly, Cubasis and Cubasis LE are updated simultaneously

This also includes the update of the “Full Feature Set IAP” in Cubasis LE, which then provides users (who have bought the upgrade) with the same features of Cubasis, update per update.

Due to a technical limitation of Apple, it is not possible to change the app name and/or icon of Cubasis LE, after users have purchased and installed the full feature set in-app purchase.

You will notice, that the IAP has installed correctly if…

… the app launch screen shows “Cubasis”, instead of “Cubasis LE”.
… the app no longer shows limitation popups when tapping feature sections, which are not available in the regular LE version.

Hope that helps!