In Cubase. Inspector becomes unresponsive (due to UR44C)

My third problem with my new UR44C:

Sometimes when in Cubase the Inspector (where you add VST-effects to a channel) in Cubase becomes unresponsive. When this happens, it is not possible to add any VST as the menu for that will not open.

The only workaround is to unplug the UR44C and then plug it in again. <-- tested and verified!

From the beginning, I thought it was a Cubase GUI, or mouse problem or maybe related to the GFX-drivers. I.e. all these things plus the Steinberg/Yamaha drivers are uninstalled and then re-installed. Still having the same problem (randomly).

Any guesses?


I have the same problem - Cubase and dspMixFX seem to be having trouble passing tasks back between each other.

When I load up Cubase, it almost feels like there’s a graphics problem in the ‘Inspector’ panel - the line in the EQ graph, for example, flickers red and I can’t manipulate it.

At the same time, the dspMix window shows no levels but also doesn’t say it’s being controlled by another program like it used to before the problem.

Did anyone solve this please!? I’ve just bought my UR44C and everything was going well until this but I’ll return it if I can’t fix this soon!


Windows 10 - UR44C - Cubase Elements 10.5 - Updated drivers etc.


I have the similar problem as described above. I have experienced all of the above mentioned, and additionally, each time I close Cubase it seems that something is not releasing the drivers and the card become unresponsive. When I start up dspMixFx does not show levels and when I start up yamaha control panel, the options to switch between the USB 3.1 or USB 2.0 disappear. Then, when I start up Cubase again inspector does not work, GUI has extreme lag and yamaha control panel (usb card drivers) does not start.

The workaround from above works, however, I find it kinda unacceptable to have to restart card each time i close and reopen software…

My machine has Windows 10, drivers are latest and I use Cubase AI 10.5.20 (latest update).

I have the same problem after installing the latest tools for ur44c.

Graphical issues in Cubase and inspector not responding.

Installed the original tools (think it’s version 101) and it works fine.

For anyone having the same issue try tools version 1.0.1
It’s working fine for me.
Download link seems to be still working.

Steinberg, please look at this issue. Latest version of tools for ur44 c is seriously broken. At least on some computers.