In cubase12 pro how do you make a key command or whatever to exchange locator positions

Exactly what the title says?

Swap the L and R locators?
Transport Menu \ Exchange Left & Right Locator Positions

I want to make a key command to perform that instead of using the mouse and pointer.

You can assign a key command to it via [Edit > Key Commands]. Just search for “exchange” in the dialog window:

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Thanks…it works

@Robert_Donithan Nearly impossible to see the photographs you upload.

Can you use WIndows Snipping tool instead?

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I’ll look into it…where is the app?

Windows Start Menu

here it is with snipping tool.

Great, use that going forward. You can also drag to select the exact portion of the screen you want to share.

If you have further questions about snipping, open a new topic please.

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