In Desperate Need Of Help ????

I bought Cubase about a month ago and it’s been working fine. I have even recorded and exported a few songs. Just yesterday I bought Nexus 2, which is a great synth vst. I installed it and tried to open cubase and got no response. I have tried to open Cubase with the license key unplugged and it responds exactly the same. So I know it’s not reading the key… I just want to run this program after spending hundreds of dollars of my hard- earned money on it… Can someone please help !!!

So Cubase simply won’t open? No error or anything? That would be odd since it usually just blacklists a plugin when it has problems loading one. Did you remove the plugin form the VST Plugins folder and see if it opens then? Also, have you emailed ReFX support?


Normally, if it is a problem with the USB key, Cubase will at least start to open, then display an alert, saying “No valid License found” or something similar.
Try running the Cubase Installer again.