In Editor when moving a note it extends the note

Yes indeed hereby:

Using the In “All MIDI” column (Second from right) you need to untick items that you want to exclude from recording into the timeline on Cubase.

I’d suggest turning them all off other than the Panorama T6 one (Last item ticked) and try it out.

Are you sure that the Panorama T6 has all theses MIDI inputs and Outputs ports as feature ? Maybe it’s the case, but well… I’m wondering if the issue doesn’t come from here, actually and, in your case, if there are all necessary.

Beside this, it indeed seems that there were two notes piling up, form which, at first glance, the ‘cut’ appearance. Now, could you post a screenshot of the project page showing both the involved MIDI part and the track that contains it with its inspector (important…) ? Beside this, in the Key Editor, how is the Part editing Mode setting ?


EDIT : and as @skijumptoes just suggested (that’s why I am asking you the screenshot showing the track with its inspector), the All MIDI Inputs could be the culprit in the Input Routing setting, as it will use all the T6 input ports available and included in it…

Yeah they do have a lot ports, but usually only notes are transmitted on the one - so what you’ve written here could also be the solution, It’s something along those lines for sure!

It could be possible that @roelroland has the Panorama plugged in via USB and via the MIDI ports on the UR22 too - so 3 possibilities to check… lol

New project time, create a single MIDI track - it’s the best way to work out what’s going.

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Let’s see the track inspector screenshot… :grinning:

I have a midi cable plugged in the nektar that goes to the UR22 and I have a usb cable plugged in (for power) in my PC. You know I have never been a fan of keyboards that use USB to get power. In my opinion there will always go something wrong. Why not using an ordinary adapter for power and 2 midi cables? Of course I understand the extras that usb can do but still… I will buy an adapter for the power of the nektar.
I have updated the nektar installation program, checked the Studio setup > Midi setup and created a new midi track. But it still doubles all the notes…
I will check cubic13’s advice and try to make a screenshot when I have found out what he exactly means.

And of course my UR22 is also plugged in my PC using an usb cable…

Here, both my MIDI keyboard/pads controllers are connected to my audio/MIDI interface by the old and reliable MIDI DIN cables. I understand that sometimes, USB seems more practical, but I have seen too much issue reports with this solution, when MIDI data is involved. From which, yes, I think it’s safer to avoid, as much as possible the USB power/MIDI transmission mixture, at least for the MIDI controllers. After this, I’m rather ‘old school’ minded about that, but your case seems to show another example of it.

And yes, as soon as you can, upload the screenshot and, meanwhile, avoid All MIDI Inputs as setting in the Input Routing of your MIDI/Instrument tracks. I’m almost sure that, after having chosen a given port, you won’t stumble on the doubled notes, unless there is a loop in your MIDI setup, via the output ports : something to check also, maybe…

Oh so that’s why you’re getting the doubled notes then, The Panorama will be sending notes out on it’s USB MIDI port and the MIDI DIN ports - so you need to disable one in the ‘ALL MIDI’ options.

Or, just pick one input device for the track you’re recording into and avoid using the ‘all’ options.

Or, set the Panorama to only send on one port - i.e. USB or MIDI DIN.

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@skijumptoes can you please advice: If row 1 (UR22 midi In) and row 6 (UR22 midi out) would be active and the other rows would be inactive, should this work?

As we are still in a troubleshooting stage, I would rather use this, if you are able to power your keyboard with an AC outlet and using MIDI DIN cables :

Otherwise, I would use this (or any other ‘Panorama’ labelled MIDI port, actually - maybe the PANORAMA T6 one, which seems to be a MIDIIN 1 equivalent, is better), and avoid having more than one MIDI port selected as being a part of the All MIDI Inputs option, in all cases :

It will still be time to rearrange all this again, once the MIDI inputs/outputs mess is sorted out…

Sorry… :blush:

No, that would give you double notes still.

Those ports you have enabled are the two that the Panorama will send notes from by default, so disable the one you don’t want (UR22 is the MIDI DIN connection, Panorama T6 is the USB connection).

(IMO) It’s more a disadvantage to have it plugged into the UR22 MIDI Ports AND USB, you’re doubling up the signals coming in to that machine, even if you disable them in Cubase.

As a result, you’re increasing the chance of experiencing issues, not reducing them… As you’ve found out. :slight_smile:

If I was you, I’d Just unplug it from the UR22 and you won’t have any worries, It’s all going through USB anyway. Plus you’d be keeping the communication between your computer and the UR to be audio only, which is another bonus - less traffic all round.


Guys, thanks for your help. I am done with the Nektar Panorama T6 / USB connections. To much problems. I will send it back and start using my old Roland keyboard. Thanks for your support.