in IC pro w Elements 9.5 get pre-roll to punch in record

As an audio book narrator producer, I’m recording spoken vocal only with 9.5 Pro and using IC pro on an iPad to control the board recording. I’ve been unsuccessful getting the pre-roll to engage and let me hear what’s recorded until the punch-in moment and then to record at that spot. I’ve set-up as instructed in the manual, but I can’t find videos for 9.5 to explain how to engage the pre-roll pre-set and actually begin recording where the Left range selector is set. I’m not punching out to re-record a segment. Once I punch in, I continue record until I make an error. Then stop. Back up to hear where to punch in. Set range selector. Then I want to click a key to automatically move back to set pre-roll, play, and punch-in to begin record from selected spot forward. I don’t find any instructions that explain how this last step is initiated.
I’ve upgraded to 9.5 before trying to use this process. (But now I can’t find the user control panel to change my signature.)

The user control panel has moved on the new forum software.

After logging in, near the top right hand side of the forum screen you will probably now see your name (Deblynn). Click on that and you will be able to select user control panel.

I don’t know about your main issue. I don’t use Cubase but will have a look in Nuendo to see if I can come up with an answer.

  1. In Nuendo (I guess it is the same in Cubase) make the Transport Bar visible,

  2. Set your Left punch in point. I am running in bars so let’s say bar 6, although I guess it could be a time location if you want.

  3. Activate Punch In.

  4. Activate Pre-Roll (the icon should be just below the Left locator point you have entered) and next to it you can enter a pre-roll amount - I have entered This means that the pre-roll, in my case, will be 2 bars. This will happen regardless of where the actual punch-in point is.

  5. Press Record. The playback will then start 2 bars before the punch in point (the Left locator) every time and recording will start at the punch-in point. So if you record a bit then make a mistake, go back to where you want to punch in again, set the Left Locator to that point and press Record again - playback will then start 2 bars before the new punch-in point, and so on.

Pressing the Record button on iCPro does the same thing. You can move the Left locator on iCPro by dragging it with your finger, although I’m not sure how accurate that will be.

Actually, ‘Activate Punch In’ does not seem to be necessary on my system as recording will always start at the Left locator if the Record button is pressed.

Does that answer your question?

PS, I’ve never used Pre-roll before, but now that I’ve worked out how to do it I certainly will now.

Thanks for figuring it out, Chris. In IC pro, NOR in Elements 9.5 on computer do I see a pre-roll icon to activate nor the place “next to it” to enter the pre-roll amount - I’m starting w 4 seconds until I’m adept at doing it smoothly. (Evidently, where things were placed in earlier versions has been changed in 9.5). Explanation: in 9.5 left locator pt is above the tracks in the ribbon. So where do I activate “punch in” ? In lower transport there is a punch in button. It appears there is a way to “show” more buttons and the pre-roll distance is to be set there, but I don’t know how to “reveal” those additional buttons and what place to set pre-roll.

Then I’ve found no icon or button to activate pre-roll (so I can hear what is recorded up to punch in spot) so that record will begin at left locator spot. So far I have to play to punchin spot and then punch record at the moment when I must begin speaking/reading text. It’s not working automatically- so there’s something I’m not getting set.

I’ll try to go through your steps and see if more is revealed by doing so. Thanks, again.

I got the info from the Nuendo 7 user manual so I guess there must be something similar in the Cubase manual.

User manual does not answer the questions I’ve asked you. You’ve been helpful. I hope someone is using Elements 9.5 w Cubase IC pro to remote control punch and roll recording of voice over audio. YouTube videos reference this process on Pro tools, and at least 2 other software brands. So why is it so difficult in Cubase?

I’ve tried to follow your steps but can find no “pre-roll activate icon” to activate. The manual does not mention it.
Yes, pressing record does jump the cursor to the Left Locator and begin recording. But it doesn’t pre-roll play the seconds set leading up to the record point. That requires me to punch record at the same second when I need to be seeing the words in the text to read. I need the pre-roll time to scan the text and prepare to read.

OK, have you tried asking about this on the Cubase forum?

I thought you answered me on the Cubase Forum. I’ll look for a different forum. Thanks.

No, this is the iCPro forum, although it is confusingly named.

Go to English Forums. There you will see Cubase at the top of the list.

Good luck.

I have done just that and submitted my question. I put it here because I’m doing remote control from the sound booth to the sound board in the control room. So I’m trying to figure out how to manage the controls of IC Pro, hear the playback, and hear the record once it’s punched in. Another narrator has helped me find the “right clicks” that allow set-up of punch in and reveal pre-roll buttons and length set-up windows.
Thanks, again, for your help to move forward. The 9.5 manual should include some “right click on button” instructions.

That’s great news :smiley: