In iPad Dorico how do I tell the pianist that I don’t want any pedal?

The last measure of a song I’m working on has no meter, just note duration. I need it to be played with no pedal. How do I notate the score to show this?

I think you might have a text item that says “senza pedale” or “senza ped.”

I also found this that might be helpful…

Hello David26, Dorico for iPad doesn’t provide that as an option. I tried using one of the provided “senza” options and modifying it in the pop-up box, but Dorico stubbornly refused to accept my brilliant idea.

I’ll have to work on setting a new Keyboard Technique. I use these a lot and learn new ones daily, but I’ve never created one. It’s been on my list for too long. This seems a good time to explore how it works.