In mixer window is there a key command to scroll to the left

In mixer window is there a key command to zip all the way over to the right or left? I’m always needing to go to my FX sends and dragging the navigation bar over to the right can be inefficient if there is a key command to do so, but I can’t find it.


Did there use to be memory locators in the mixer window in Cubase 7 so you can save points in the mixer window and then just jump back to those points with key commands?

In the Zones section you can fix faders to one end or other of the desk. I usually put master output and all groups to the right hand side so that they stay in view all the time. It works with all faders types and saves loads of time. All unzoned faders scroll as usual.
Mixer with Groups FX and Master zoned to right.JPG

Use the Mixer Configurations to save preset views. Then assign key commands to the configurations.
I mainly use 4 configurations.

  1. Inputs and 1st 16 Tracks
  2. Inputs and next 16 tracks
  3. Tracks and FX
  4. Groups and FX

Only down side is when you add a track to the project it automatically adds the new track to all your saved configurations. So you end up having to edit and re-save all your configs every time you add a track. I’ve added more tracks then I’ll ever need to all my templates to avoid that issue.

This is a good way if you have a logical segregation (winds, brass etc)
As Rotund points out, you do have to be thorough beforehand.