In need of Cubase AI for upgrade and a word of caution

So I’m almost 100% sure I made a mistake by buying the wrong Cubase Artist upgrade, but im hoping im wrong and someone can help me verify this, or that someone can help me with advice on what to do so I don’t end up throwing away the 140 Euros I just spent on the wrong upgrade

Also posting this so hopefully it can help others avoid the same error I made and avoid the frustration I am currently experiencing

First let me say that I absolutely love Cubase. I think the software is super intuitive, there’s tons of great resources to learn and be supported as you create, plus I’m new to music production, bought my first synth at the start of pandemic (~3 years ago) and it came with Cubase AI and so far its been a blast (mainly because the DAW makes it really easy to produce good sounding music even if youre a novice)

Because of this, I decided to finally upgrade to one of the “full” versions (from elements to Artist)

Here’s the background/context:
Friday (2 days ago) I bought a Cubase upgrade from AI to artist from BAX music online store

I assumed this upgrade was the right upgrade for me to purchase because, firstly I want to upgrade to Cubase Artist, and further more:

  1. I have a valid Cubase AI license (see screen shot, last in cue is my Cubase AI license):

  2. I currently also have a Cubase Elements 12 license, and I thought I understood from the Cubase upgrade website that an upgrade from a lower version to a higher version would always work (for example if you want to apply an upgrade to Pro, but you currently have Artist, you would only need to purchase an elements to Pro upgrade)

After the upgrade arrived in the mail, I opened the envelop and went to add the new activation code so I could start downloading the Artist version and content

That’s when the download manager informed me (via error message) that I do not have a valid license:

I was confused why I was getting this error because my activation manager clearly states I have a valid license for Cubase AI (see screen shot above)

This was yesterday evening around 4pm, since then I’ve been doing some additional research and am starting to understand that the Cubase upgrade process is very detailed and you have to be very clear what version/licenses you have and ensure you buying the appropriate upgrade

I think my critical error was not having an actual Version of Cubase AI 12 (I believe the version of AI I have is 11, but I cant remember as I got it free with a synth I bought like 3 years ago, also I cant find what version I have as the elicense manager just says its an AI license with no version #/see screen shot), but maybe its also that I upgraded my Cubase AI to elements over the holiday (around December last year), and you cant apply an upgrade to a license more than once (I have yet to find anything on the Cubase website that verifies this)?

What would be super helpful is if someone with a bit more experience could help me:

A) Help me determine what version of Cubase AI will work with my Cubase Artist upgrade
B) Help me find where to get a copy of this Cubase AI
→ I seems like AI is only available as a bundle with Yamaha gear. I’m always in need of new production tools :-), but I find its super confusing and hard to find a product that shows clearly that it is bundled with Cubase AI 12, they typically only say Cubase AI (but no version) and I dont want to make the same error twice (buy another product to get a Cubase AI license that wont work with my Artist upgrade)
→ or does anyone know if its possible to buy a version of Cubase 12 (AI/LE) directly which I can then apply my upgrade to?
C) determine if my assumptions are correct about my error. Did i indeed buy the wrong upgrade or is there perhaps something else that’s an issues (maybe I don’t have a license installed correctly?)

Any help here would be very much appreciated

I didn’t see that you had started a new topic. Here’s my reply to your previous post:

The license present in your eLicenser Control Center is for Cubase AI 11 or earlier. Unless you have a Cubase AI (12) license present in the new Steinberg Activation Manager software, the upgrade you purchased is invalid for your license. Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager to check.

Please contact Steinberg Support (or your local Yamaha/Steinberg distributor) through your MySteinberg. They should be able to provide you with a Cubase AI 12 license which is compatible with this upgrade. Alternatively, check your emails to see if you’ve already been sent a free upgrade voucher for Cubase AI 12.

That’s unfortunately not currently possible. For example, if you want to upgrade from an existing Cubase Artist license to Pro, you have to buy the appropriate upgrade. The upgrade from Cubase Elements to Pro wouldn’t work.

thanks! this is super helpful

at least now i understand the root cause of the upgrade issue: i need to upgrade my cubase ai license from 11 to 12

Ive verified i did not received the free voucher to upgrade but have also submitted a ticket and hopefully once i receive and apply the upgrade to AI 12 ill be able to apply the upgrade to Artist!

Thanks in advance

This is what it looks like in the Steinberg Online Shop:

AFAIK you can only upgrade once from AI to a higher level (like Elements) as your license will be transformed on activation. I might be mistaken, though.
Of course you can alternatively use your Elements license to upgrade it to Artist.