In/Out Ports not connecting after crash

Cubase 11 Pro (latest version) crashed during playback. It opens but will not connect to my UR-RT2 interface. I installed the latest 2.0.4 UR-RT2 driver but it still cannot find the device. What do I do? Thanks for your help.
I’m using Cubase on a Windows 10, 64-bit system.


Did you uninstall the driver before you reinstalled it, please? Could you try it. And make sure, you will install it as administrator, after.

Please, can you select the driver in the Studio Setup?

No, I loaded it over the previous version with admin rights. Do I uninstall the Steinberg UR-RT2 DEVICE in device manager ? I didn’t see an uninstall driver, only Update Driver under drivers.



Oh, sorry, I’m not Windows user. Yes, I believe, you can uninstall it by using common Windows utility.

Maybe, I would even restart the computer after uninstalling, before the reinstallation of the driver. Kind of to make sure, the computer forgets the driver completely.

Ok will try. It’s like reinstalling new hardware and new driver. Thanks

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Problem 1: Had to enter Task Mngr to Disable Sonar’s SoundID because Driver would not update newly installed UR-RT2 interface and driver with that active. Restarted, finished the driver upload with SoundID disabled. It was successful and Steinberg device shows in device mangr as the proper I opened my cubase project and same thing happens. Audio connections show Not Connected. Tried loading my Preset for Outputs but not connecting. It shows: Missing: UR-RT2 Mix L and R. Now what?


I just found out that old Cubase Pro 10 version shows the connections. Why not C11 latest version? I don’t even use C10. Hmmm? I’m in a middle of a project with a deadline and feeling the pinich. Thanks.

Starting C11 in safe mode doesn’t solve problem either.


Could you try to reinstall Cubase 11 as administrator, please?

Finally got “Studio Setup” to update ASIO driver to Yamaha’s w/o reinstall. It appears to be working now. Thanks.

Now, if someone will ever get back to me about this, I would be very happy because I’ve been waiting sine Nov 3, 2020 and nobody replies to this problem that I’m still having with “renaming files/folders in the Project window.”

Martin, could you look into this work order for me? My Steinberg Forum even abandoned me on this issue… :slight_smile:

Team Viewer [ ref:_00D30F1z._5004S22iWv:ref ]
Here is the response I got and never heard back from them:

|Yamaha Support Group||Thu, Feb 4, 11:59 AM|
|Hi Russ, I’ll have to look into other potential causes further and report back as soon as possible. On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 2:42 PM|

I would appreciate hearing back from you, Martin on this…Thanks VERY VERY much for your help!!