In & Output Ports in clear numbers

my plan is to connect each of 3 daisychained MR816s with an ADAT Extension Card.
My question is: Can you still use the ADAT Ports on all MR816s then? Or is there a limitation.
And further: Would that really give me a total INPUT number of 48 ? (Outputs don´t matter to me in this case)

I don´t quite understand the meaning of “up to 48 In and Outputs”…
does that mean 48 ins and 48 outs to get a total of 96 ports?
or is 48 the total port count - meaning 24 ins and 24 outs… which further means: no ADAT support on 3 MR816s… it´s a little confusing for me

Can someone make a clear statement on this?
Please? :slight_smile:

kind regards
PS: sorry if that has been asked before…

u can have 48in + 48 out in total if u daisychain 3 Mr816 .
it means u will have 24 analog in and outs(from mr’s analog in and outs), and 24 digital in and outs via mr’s adat.
you should have another 3 converters units with 8 ins and outs (as mr816) with adat connection and connect it to the 3 mr units via adat to have toatal 48 analog in/outs ports.
when u dasiychain mr816 u lose direct monitoring with the second and third mr816
and also above 48 khz sample rate i think u can use less digital ins and outs then 24.(should check it)
what u gonna do with Adat extention card?? maybe i didnt understand ur Question/ .!!

Hi Mozizo,

thanks for clearing that up. That´s exactly the answer I was hoping for.

I´m gonna use the ADAT AD DA Cards to utilize the 2nd 8 Inputs of each MR816.
I plan to build a multitrack recording rack for recording livebands and therefor I´ll need as many inputs as I can get.
Direct Monitoring is not an issue in this case, and 44,1kHz is sufficient.

thx a lot again!