In-Place Editor shortcut and workflow question

Hi friends, need your help about In-Place Editor workflow.
I really like the feature but there is one little thing that is bugging me.

Usually, when I want to expand or close a track, audio or let say automation, I use the “Z” key Command so it expands nicely, always same height for a quick and efficient workflow.

But when in comes to a midi or instrument track, I would like to use Z again to open the and close the In-Place Editor, as I would do with audio or automation tracks. But instead, it expends the midi data view instead of opening the In-Place Editor.

So is there a way to use the Z as a key to control 2 functions? ie Zoom Track Exclusive AND Edit In-Place.

I already hear ya. If I open the In-Place Editor and use Z, it will indeed close the track. But instead of closing it back to a normal midi event view, I see that useless color area without any midi note display so it is useless.

Any idea?

As far as I know you can’t assign one kc for two options. Maybe a macro will help but as far as I know zoom is not a toggle kc. I’m using option+y for the in place editor.