In-Place Editor

The key command name for Edit In-Place would be better if it was called “Toggle In-Place Editor” very cool that there is a separate command for “Open In-Place Editor” I love when Steinberg does that because it makes building macros so much better!
In-Place Editor.jpg

There is an in place editor button available for the track control header. Just go to track control settings and select “in place editor” and bring it into the active buttons set. Then you can have all the In place editing functionality at your fingertips…

Thanks, I have it there but rarely use it, in many cases, I’m not a fan of using the mouse if I can help it, it seems to take a toll on my wrist. The keyboard seems to be a lot quicker and more friendly to me. Thanks for your reply, always a fan of all the help people give on here, I mean that sincerely!