In Place Midi Editing Incorrect Menu Item

I was trying to zoom vertically while in place editing mode I tried ctrl+scroll it zoomed horizontaly so I naturally tried alt+ scroll, alt+shift+ scroll, ctrl+shift and scroll nothing worked so I looked up documentatinon and it mentioned the piano roll and a hand. Where is the hand? And why the dev didn’t bother to add ctrl+shift scroll or any other key command+scroll to zoom in/out vertically…?
Can Steinberg stop doing this please? If you release a feature do it properly or don’t release it at all! And fix your documnetation if you want people to use it and don’t complain that it is useless!


Could you share the link, where did you find this, please?

Of course, there is… [G] and [H] are to Zoom In/Out Horizontally. [Shift+G] and [Shift+H] are to Zoom In/Out Vertically.

But this doesn’t zoom in the notes, it is for the tracks but not inplace editing. There is only CTRL+Scroll to zoom the notes horizontally

The one I posted was from Cubase 10 but there is no change about this in Cubase 12. Btw. the documentation should have been incorporated within the software, I am not sure why this isn’t there.

This is really unfortunate that Cubase has so many features that have not been released to a professional standard, Using Vari-Audio returned very bad result on a sample that has clear breakes that had led me to manual editing. Zoom in/out both horizontally and vertically is a basic editing feature.


Sorry, I overlooked you are talking about the In Place Editor.

You are right.

Yep, that’s a mistake in the manual. The cursor changes to a 4-way arrow, not a hand.