In praise of adding layouts

Sarah Willis, the famed Berlin Philharmonic horn player, is coming to Toronto later this month. I was asked to write an 8 part horn arrangement of the theme from “Hockey Night in Canada” for a planned mass-horn flash mob at the Conservatory before the masterclasses (permission was obtained to do the arrangement). Prosaic as this may sound, do not laugh: it’s Canada’s 2nd National Anthem!

This was a great opportunity to experiment with adding additional layouts as this is an outside flash mob and I thought I’d design different part-sizes from which the organiser could choose; single page portrait letter, or two to a page landscape letter, or single band paper, etc … The feature is extremely powerful and changing the layout and printing options of an entire group of parts was extremely quick and easy. I would recommend everyone to experiment with this: it’s a real gem of a feature.

Couple of bugs however:

  1. I had occasional crashes trying to export everything to pdf at once. No problem dealing with small groups at a time however.
  2. Renaming the layouts didn’t save. After reopening the program, the new names were lost.

Cheers all!

Exporting more than one graphic at once will indeed crash: this is fixed for 1.0.10.

I’m aware of the problem with custom part names, and we’re going to try to sort that out for 1.0.10 as well, though it’s not yet done.