In Project View no audio meters in audio tracks

Just Updated to 7.0.2
while happy that the CMC qc issue has been addressed and seems o be working good.

what i have noticed is in “Project View” the audio meters on audio tracks no longer work

Midi tracks are fine and working normally showing midi input level.

The Level meters in Mixer View and everywhere else seem to be ok

its just in Project View that they are not working.

ive tested 6.5 with the same project and the meters work fine there

just in 7.0.2

any ideas?



PS this is on a PC running windows 7
Intel Xeon X 5355 2.83 2 x Quad core W 16 gig ram
SSD main drive/ Motu Ultralite/ TI firewire card

No problem here, on Mac OS X with Cubase 7 (32-bit and 64-bit too). Audio meters in the Project window works with no problem.

I have the same problem here on my Windows 8 PC (and I’m running 7.02 as well).

wish i could get Cubase to play nice with my MACBOOOK Pro , but it justs dosent want to. vst spikes on even the the slowest latency setting.

wonder if there is a toggle for this that somehow got turned off or something…

I’ve installed, 32 bit version of Cubase 7.0.2 and the meters are working

this seems to be a 64bit issue


Downloaded the complete install for 7.0.2 64 bit from Steinberg (5.4GB)

just did a reinstall and now meters are working and Knobs in Channel strip are back

I recommend anyone having GUI issues to download the complete install and just reinstall that over your current install


Just to be sure, it won’t mess up anything will it? I’m thinking of vst-paths, settings, usermadepresets and so on…