In-situ replace VST2 with equivalent/'identical' VST3

After doing a lot of automation for a long track using FabFilter Pro-Q2, I now realise that I inadvertently used the VST2 version of the plugin instead of the VST3 version. As far as I can see, all the settings of the VST2 are available in the VST3, but with the VST3 having a few more options such as side-chain.

I now have reasons to want to use the VST3 version instead.

But it seems impossible to replace the VST3 in place.

If I remove the VST2 version it deletes all the automation.

Is there any way around this situation? I don’t see any command to copy all the automation for a plugin in one go…


You can select all events of the (automation) track(s) and Copy + Paste them to the new set of (automation) track(s). So I would open the same automation tracks (at the same order) for the VST3 plug-in, and then Copy + Paste the automation data.

I thought of that. That might work with a plugin which has fixed constant controls.

But with Pro-Q2 it can have varying filter controls and there would be no way to ensure the pasted automation channels each hooked up with the correct filter in the new instance it seems to me…


I don’t know the Pro-Q2, but I would say, if you enable Write Automation, and then “touch” (via mouse) the parameters you want to automate, in the same order as it is in your VST2 plug-in, this should work.

Interesting. I may give that a go.

Many thanks.

I see what you mean. I have been trying everything to transfer the automation. I have been trying to save a preset in vst2 and open in vst3 but can’t even seem to do that. I guess the next stop is to ask FabFilter if it is possible and if not put it on a wish list.

I asked FabFilter today and got a reply that it is not possible. The only option is to introduce the new VST3 plug and painstakingly copy each automation track as you can decode which actual filter instance is applicable in the new plug.

Life’s too short. I’ll just make sure I start with the VST3 version from now on…