in space cultivated salad - a solution ?

Recently we heard that Nasa is cultivating salads and tomatoes in space.
Looks like there is finally a solution for any food crisis in the future!
Just order it online and it’ll drop out of the sky, right in to your dish. :mrgreen:

no, seriously: Do you guys think it could be a solution since, i guess, there’s room enough to place a factory there ?
Ok, maybe water is to be transported once or twice, but it’s a closed production site, so everything gets recycled too…

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I won’t go to space until they have a quality pizza joint.

NASA space station experiments reveal that certain virulent bacteria thrive in the vacuum of space.

In any case, the space farms can probably get some water rich in “lead, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum” from the Animas River; where the EPA recently liberated the water formerly trapped in a toxic mine.

Vegetables in space… The solution would have to be salad dressing no? Lettuce is boring on its own. A little oil and Radiation? SpaceRanch? CosmicCesar? Next they will be growing weed up there, talk about astral projection! :laughing:

I will be fully expecting the EPA to fine themselves heavily for that one. :laughing:

ugly pictures of that river i saw on the net today. You really don’t want to live anywhere near that spot. And indeed it shows even more the need to start spacefarming. The sooner the better it seems. :laughing:

Please don’t give the regime any ideas, because they’ll expect taxpayers to pay the fine … all $787 Quadrillion worth!

There is water in vegetables. If the farm fed the local space community, they would have to save all their pee and recycle it to water new vegetables.

My question is: Space Bars

If sounds can’t travel through space because there are no molecules, would that mean that the only shows we would be able to do in space are mime *um#*umm# (clearing throat) air guitar? I know that sounds ridiculous, but I’d really like to know that.

the secret lies in digital data, not in audible waveforms. Steiny is preparing itself for this, i’m sure, and we will be transmitting a CPR in the future, f.e. towards mars, where it is being picked up and played back with a cubase player version wich i have been suggesting in the feature request some time ago… :laughing:

Earthbound touring acts bring everything with them: PA, lights, amps, instruments, wardrobe, etc. So all they have to do is bring a compressed atmosphere when touring outer space. No biggie.

But of course they will use too much compression.

It’s rock-and-roll, you want it LOUD don’t you? :wink:

I’m not concerned about the compression. It’s the death metal acts deploying black holes that gets me worried. :open_mouth:

Better call Jp22 then… :confused:

truly visionary it is… our earth shall have a totally different signature in space. In fact… more friendly. When an alien arives, it will see a planet, surrounded by crops of healthy green vegetables, a smoky bar with compressed and a bit loud music, filled with friendly astronauts crunshing salad in front of a camera and giving our youths the right direction towards a long and prosperous life ! :smiley:

Lovely vision.

Take space salad, liquidise… thats the solution