In which Cubase version was a project made?


Can anyone help me with this:

How can I find out in what version of Cubase a project was made? That’s a major issue for me, also because of the sometimes changing availability of some plugins/VST-i’s in the different Cubase versions (I have all versions of Cubase as of version 6 installed on my pc, all with their own original plugins/VST-instruments). Also some external plugins/VST-instruments only work with some Cubase-versions.
I have hundreds of projects, made over the years. Now I sometimes have to open 2 or 3 versions of Cubase before I can find out in which version it was made or which Cubase-version contains certain VST’s/instruments. With hundreds of projects, that’s really too time consuming.

Steinberg or anyone else:
Isn’t there ANY way to see “inside” a .CPR-file to find out in which Cubase version it was made?

Thanks in advance

This would be a good “Feature Request”.

Maybe you can check out the dates of when you originally installed all you CB programs. Then when you right click a .cpr file and check under “Properties>Details>Date Created” you might be able to match that date to the date of the CB installation program file. A PIA for sure. :frowning:

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All I could find was this compatibility list :[o_system]=2&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[productfamily]=en%2Fsupport%2Fknowledgebase_new.html&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[product]=en%2Fsupport%2Fknowledgebase_new.html

It doesn’t have any info on plugins etc though.

Thanks guys!
I think I can work it out with the tips you gave me here!

Although it is a pitty that the information I need cannot be read from the .CPR file itself.
I once asked Steinberg for this, but… alas… no reaction!