Inability to change track and folder names in project window

Has anyone experienced the inability to change track and folder names in the project window after upgrading from Cubase Pro 10 to 10.5?
I had no problems renaming tracks until I upgraded to 10.5. Now I have to change the names in the MixConsole window for them to change in the project window (and of course you cannot change folder names in the MixConsole window so a new folder has to be set in the project window and all contents moved over to the newly named folder…pain!) When I double click on the track name to change it there is no response except the context menu that pops up and tells me to double click to change the name.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Pro 10.5 but it does not help. I have also renamed the Steinberg folder to 10.5_hidden during the reinstall so it would build a new presets folder but that did not help either.

Does anyone know what else I can try because I really rely upon renaming my track names in the project window.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I can rename all tracks easily in the inspector, in project window and in the mixers

Good for you.

Yes. I know.

Maybe you should provide more information if you really need help…