Inaccurate VST3 loading, can it be ported back to VST2?

From a duscussion in Native Instruments forum I understood that I can open this question here. I cite: “Steinberg made it so that VST2 instances can be ported to VST3 instances, but not the other way around”.

So the problem is that in the middle of very stable workflow this whole year working with Cubase Pro 11, Kontakt 6.6.x and everything I installed, I’ve got one little but very disappointing problem. It’s very specific, but I think it’s not unique, because many of you here have similar “constellation” - Windows + Cubase + VST3. And if you use Kontakt, then I hope you will check this issue on your workstation.

I suppose you read the whole discussion and watch my video attached and can spread the word in silence.

My question to the Steinberg would be this - is it possible to make backward compatibility from VST3 to VST2 format stored in project? Because if anyone met problems with loading of VST3, he is going to hide VST3 plugin and let Cubase load its VST2 version, but no one (I suppose) understand that VST2 cannot load VST3 data because of difference and converting only one way.

In case of Kontakt which is plugin itself and is loading libraries that have their own settings, I understand that these data are specific to the Kontakt inner structure, but anyway they somehow are encapsulated into VST3 data block stored in Cubase project.

I’m stuck on this, because from now a) I cannot step back to using only VST2, because many sketches are prepared using Kontakt VST3 and b) I don’t like the idea about disabling/reenabling track every time after project is loaded. This needs to write down on paper project names and track names to be loaded/reloaded this way.

It’s strange! How the hell Cubase can load everything after disable/reenable procedure, but cannot load the same VST3 settings properly just in project load sequence???

I thought it is NI problem, but they (as always) send everything to Steinberg’s sandbox :wink:

Here is video, but please whole discussion read in link above!

No one interested. It’s like a being on uninhabited island.