Inapproprate Position After Autoscroll Window Refresh

Borrowed from David Baer

“For me the number one buzz kill is the inappropriate positioning after autoscroll.”

In all my years, it astounds me that I haven’t taken the time to rant about this before because it is TOTALLY rant worthy. I think I never got bugged about it much because until the Skinny Scroll Bars it wasn’t as much of an issue.

So when you have Autoscroll ‘on’, when the window refreshes, the cursor moves to left-most part of the screen, which suuuuuuuuuucks.

He further writes:

“We edit content to the right of the cursor, not to the left, because we can’t hit Play and hear it. When the screen is automatically positioned so that the cursor is near the right border, we have to scroll to set thing up for proper editing. This is vastly annoying and counter-productive.”

This is one of those “one picture is worth a thousand words” deals. But anyone who works as I do (and I presume as Mr. Baer does) will understand:

  1. I hit ‘Play’ and listen…

  2. I hear something I want to edit and immediately hit Stop to edit. If Autoscroll is ‘on’ and it is near a left or right window boundary the window refresh makes the whole screen go booooing away from what I was just looking at which takes me 100% OUT OF THE MENTAL ZONE.

This may seem totally tiny. IT’S NOT!!!

I hear your rant and +1 it. Seems like a little thing that is not too little. :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses:

This is HUGE PITA and the NUMBER ONE thing that ticks me off with Cubase. +1,000

Here’s an alternate solution that would totally eliminate this major annoyance for me. Just to be clear, however, I am talking about the situation where a) autoscroll is enabled, b) auto return cursor upon stop is enabled, and c) playback has moved the starting visible content off the page due to cursor advancement. If this happens, why not, upon stop, simply re-establish the view to be that which was established when Play was initiated? Why should anyone assume that the DAW can better judge what the user wants to see than the user himself? The view at playback start was established by the user, so why not let the user’s judgment prevail?

YES! Thank you for writing about this. It’s something that has always driven me crazy and needs to be remedied.

What he said. The beauty part is that this would require almost ZERO programming effort.