Incipits in Dorico 3

I’m editing some Baroque music, modernising some of the clefs. In Dorico 3, how do I show the original clefs as incipits please? All of my attempted searches in ‘Help’ have failed. There’s apparently nothing under ‘incipit’, ‘prefatory’, ‘preliminary’.

There’s no built-in feature for incipits as yet, but you can use the feature to create a split for a coda to create a gap between the incipit and the first actual bar.

Bit late to this, but is it possible to create an incipit, say “Cantus” while the main body of music is titled “Soprano”?

In order to show two staff labels on one ‘system’ (and different names at that), you’d have to go slightly more hardcore and create a separate Frame for the incipit. To change the names, either have different players (in a different flow?) for the incipit, or use Section Players and change the staff names using the Divisi feature.
Or just use Text for the Incipit’s staff labels.

FWIW, another reason that a separate frame will often be a good way to go on this is that you can have separate bracketing for the incipit and the modern staves.

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BTW to the OP: This tutorial talks about incipits.