Include an SD card with Cubase installers in Audio Interface retail boxes

I finally installed Cubase AI that came with my new UR22 mkII on a newly purchased PC. Since laptops don’t have disk drives, I downloaded the software over the internet link.
This was an incredibly grueling process that took several days and many hours of my precious week off work.

The feature request is this:
Put a 32G SD card inside the UR22MkII. Put Cubase and all drivers on the SD card.
When the box is first plugged in to the computer, allow it to mount as a drive.
Installation instructions would be this: Open the newly appearing drive, and double click on the install file.

I realize it wouldn’t be the latest and greatest software and drivers, but at least it would work!!

A large variety of errors came up during my download and installation that required googling forums, finding videos, re-doing the 16G download, manually dodwnloading the license tool, rebooting the PC several times, updating firmware, more rebooting, more un-installing and re-installing, and finally giving up and contacting support after 2 days of struggle and many hours lost. Even if things had gone perfectly right, the download and install process is much more painful than necessary.

Yeah, and we should have a choice in what we download. Cubase is only 800MB all the rest is content that some of us don’t need