Include chord symbols in selection of one staff

I feel like I should know this already, so pardon me if I’m just having a senior moment:

I have a score with 2 players, one of which has two instruments (so 3 staves). I want to select the notes and chord symbols of one staff. If I select a note, and then use shift+cmd+A twice, then all of the notes of the staff I want are selected. Great! Now, how do I include the chord symbols on that staff in the selection? Is there a menu or key command that will get me from this selection of notes to selected notes and chord symbols in one step?

Or, coming from a different direction: If I use the System Track (as is suggested in many threads), I select a bar, and them shift+click on the last bar that I want selected. Now, all visible items are selected, but include all 3 staves, when I only want the selection to include 1 staff. There is no option in the Filter to choose a particular staff. Is there a way to get from a selection of notes and chord symbols in all staves to notes and chord symbols in one staff in one step?

What is the fastest way to get at the selection I want? This is a long flow, so marquis selection is not an option.

(I’m on PC so adjust for Mac). Select a chord symbol. Ctrl-shift-A (select more) twice to select all chord symbols. Keeping that selection, ctrl-click a note in your desired part. Ctrl-shift-A as many times as need to add all notes to the selection. Job done.

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Are you just trying to get the same chord symbols to appear in the other player? Or copy/pasting to another part of the piece?

Another nice way is to go to the part layout of what you want to copy and then use the System Track

Thanks @Janus! That worked for me. I think I assumed that once the chord symbols were selected I would either be able to select all of the notes in one click or none at all. I didn’t think I’d be able to make the shift+cmd/ctrl+A function work in series like that. Now that i know, it makes sense.

What’s interesting, and frustrating, is that it doesn’t work the other way around–if I try selecting the notes first, I’m not able to select a chord symbol and then extend the selection to include all chord symbols, but I can select the chord symbols first and then extend the selection to include the notes. I would love for there to be a way to select a group of notes and then in one function include chord symbols in the selection, or all visible staff items.

Welcome to the club! :blush:

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Why? What exactly are you trying to do?
(I was non-judgemental on my earlier reply, but now my curiosity is piqued)


Why? What exactly are you trying to do?
(I was non-judgemental on my earlier reply, but now my curiosity is piqued)

Not sure why you would wonder. I use marquis selections all the time to copy a melody and chord symbols to paste into another section. This doesn’t work when the selection crosses a system or frame break. Being able to make a selection and then extend the selection to include chord symbols seems quite straightforward. For what it’s worth, I’m making lead sheets and instrument parts for jazz and pop tunes.

In which case @DanielMuzMurray’s suggestion of hopping to your melodic layout and doing a system select there will likely be quicker.

I’m still missing the piece that allows me to select one instrument with the system track when I have multiple instruments/players.

Use Galley view and a filter.

So many steps to get into Galley view, create a filter, apply the filter, get out of the filter. Ouch.

Set up filters once (they save if you create a custom template). Create kbd shortcut to switch to Galley.

Thanks, @Janus . I’m going to stick with your first suggestion, which works exactly as I need it to, and doesn’t interrupt my workflow.