Include Mac & Win version in One Installer

I use a Mac laptop and a Windows rack machine. The full Cubase download is massive — many gigabytes more than any other DAW. And at present, you have to download it ALL twice to install on the different OSs. And that’s annoying not only in terms of download time, but also of keeping installers backed up in case of problems.


  1. Separate the content from the main app installer, so the content only has to be downloaded once.


  1. Include both Mac and Windows installers in a single download, so the content only has to be downloaded once.


  1. Make some of the content an optional download — eg all the audio loops, some of the instruments and their libraries.


I dont use Halion or all the additional packages, but still have to download that too when installing Cubase again. Would be already so much easier to be able to choose what specific part of the program you want to download.
As I know Cubase alone is about 500-700mb and the latest download package was 21gb? :frowning:

+1 Separate Content Download
I was planning to try the Nuendo. Gave up when I saw the 20+gb download.