Include Track number in rendered audio file?

Hi everyone,

is there a way to customize filename generation when rendering a project into many audio files (based on the CD markers) in Wavelab 8.5.10?

It seems that Wavelab uses the names of the CD title marker sections to generate the filenames. I would like to have filenames based on metadata variables instead, for example “@TrackIndex@ - @CdTrackTitle@” (followed by the appropriate extension like .mp3 or .flac).

Otherwise, the files will be sorted alphabetically in the filesystem, and believe me, there are MP3 car radios that will not look at the ID tags but at the filename to decide in which order to play the titles…


You can do that this in the batch processor, using the renaming options.

In the future, for the numbering, make sure the box in the bottom right is checked to “add numeric prefix” in the render options box before rendering (see attached picture).

I always make sure the CD track markers in the montage are named exactly what the CD-Text and official song title needs to be so when I render WAV or mp3 files, I can simply have Wavelab add the numeric prefix and the file names come out as I need them.

Metadata presets can handle tagging the audio files with the actual metadata.
Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.10.44 AM.png

Ahh, excellent, I had completely overlooked the “Add numeric prefix” checkbox.

Thank you very much!