Included in cubase?

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Been a few years since I used Cubase (last was 6.5). Just got the CPro 13 update and am not understanding the installation approach with the download assistant. It seems to be giving access to all Steinberg products without indicating which are actually bundled/included with CPro13. I can’t find anywhere with a simple list of these products. The online download and user manual both include SpectraLayers, but this is a separate product with its own license. Right?!

Please can someone advise which plugins, soundsets, etc are included so I don’t end up downloading and installing a bunch of stuff only to be hit with a paywall at the end because the license isn’t included with Pro 13. Would be GREAT if there was a section in Download Assistant which showed “all available licensed products.”


in the Steinberg Download Assistant, there is a category called “My product downloads” - there you should find all your products (at least those on the new license system). The process of going from the dongle system to the new system was a little confusing, but once you are up and running with the new system it is quite easy to work with. if you are missing some products in that box you must find them manually from the downloader.

Yes, that’s where I would expect to see the products but the only items in there are Cubase Pro 12 and Cubase Pro 13… :man_shrugging:

so what are you missing? all Cubase 13 pro products will show in that folder, VST plugins like Black Valve, etc is no need to be installed as they are installed with Cubase. You must install stuff like Padshop and Retrologue 2 extra listed in that folder

Go to the section for the product you bought. Everything you see there is included. End of story.

It doesn’t work like that yet, afaik.

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